Camp History

In 1948, Captain E.F.Carns purchased property to create a summer camp for children. Today, the mission of the P.A.L. Day Camp is to improve the immediate and future quality of life for the youth of our city and surrounding communities through educational, recreational, cultural, social/emotional, and prevention quality programming in collaboration with law enforcement.

P.A.L. Day Camp is the areas only completely free-of-charge day camp and accepts all children without any membership fees. We are run solely on donations from our community and have been since the early 1950’s.

Donations allow us to provide round trip bus transportation to and from our camp on Stratmill Road. This is where children can swim in the pool, fish in the pond, hike, play games and make crafts. It also provides free meals and snacks to the children, a safe environment, fresh air and clean fun.

Many children have nowhere to go for the summer and P.A.L. camp is a place where our “little pals’ can make memories, forge friendships, stay out of trouble and get outside to play! Located in the suburbs of Binghamton, P.A.L. is open to the entire community, but typically attracts underprivileged children from various ethnic backgrounds from within a twenty mile radius.

In the past three years we have accommodated approximately 450 children taking them off the streets giving them a safe place to play.

There are no other camps in our area that provide the type of camp that we do so therefore we are unique. We do not have a relationship with others because there is no other camp around like us.